Program Structure

Students in our dual language program receive 50% of their instruction in English and 50% in Spanish and are taught by qualified bilingual teachers. The program includes native speakers of English, Spanish and many other languages. Students learn reading and writing in both languages, math in English, and science, social studies and health in Spanish.

Why a Dual-Language Enrichment Program

Dual Language is an academically successful program. Successful graduates achieve two academic grade levels above average.

  • Participants attain biliteracy.
  • Provides more economic opportunities.
  • Develops strong self esteem and confidence.
  • Student-centered learning and teaching.

What can I expect for my child?

Learning in Two Languages

Students receive half their instruction in English and half in Spanish. Reading and writing instruction is integrated in both English  and Spanish. Science and Engineering is offered in Spanish and Social Studies is offered in English.

Academic Support for EVERY Student

Student progress is regularly assessed. Teachers use individualized instruction to provide additional supports for students in both English and Spanish.

Bilingual Buddies

Spanish- and English-speaking students are  grouped to help each other. This allows every child to be a language expert at some point.


Uniforms and Student Spirit Wear

Mount View students can wear uniforms or spirit wear to show their school pride.

Social Emotional Support

Daily class meetings target the classroom climate and culture, positively impacting school pride and cooperation. Our Counselor and Dean of Students support relationships and skill building.

Highly Trained, Professional Staff

Our staff receives ongoing staff development for language development and effective instructional practices.